Will You Embrace our All-Natural, Paraben-Free and pH Balanced Lubricant?
Natural Medilube
Paraben Free | pH Balanced | Naturally Preserved
Care For Your Patients
Care For Our Planet
Natural Medilube is an all-natural, all-purpose lubricant mindfully formulated for ingredient-conscious health practitioners. By utilizing only plant-based ingredients, we have successfully created a naturally pH Balanced water-based lubricant that is free from parabens and petroleum byproducts. Natural Medilube began as a quest to create an all-natural lubricant for natural birthing centers that's safe for both mommy and baby. With our planet-conscious approach, we now offer Natural Medilube to all health practitioners as a safe alternative to petroleum-based lubricants, which are harmful for humans as well as our planet.
Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Deionized Water Super-Clean Water Free From Impurities
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel Soothes And Nourishes Tissues
  • Sodium Benzoate Natural Antibacterial Preservative
  • Potassium Sorbate Natural Antibacterial Preservative
  • Citric Acid Natural pH Balancer
  • Sclerotium Gum Natural Thickener & Binder
  • Xanthan Gum Natural Thickener & Binder
  • All-natural formula — safe for ingestion
  • Water-based & petroleum-free
  • For surgical, medical & gynecological lubrication
Spiritually aligned with natural birthing centers
Mindfully manufactured for the holistic practitioner
Carefully packaged for a healthy planet
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